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Multi-Cloud and HybridSolutions

Multi-cloud and hybrid solutions are an emerging concept in the field of IT. Companies are now opting for multi-cloud hybrid solutions because these services enable them to be able to manage multiple public clouds with ease. You can choose to pair multi-cloud with hybrid clouds or keep it separate depending on your needs.

There are several perks associated with the use of multi-cloud and hybrid solutions. These services will allow you to streamline operations, cut cost and ensure compliance with security protocols. Thus, businesses of all scopes can make use of multi-cloud and hybrid solutions to optimize their business operations.

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At ITUNeed, we have put together a team of experts and professionals that work closely with our clients. Rather than jumping to work, we have a thorough discussion session with our clients so that we can truly understand their businesses and related requirements. As a result, we customize multi-cloud and hybrid solutions that are specially catered to meet the needs of our clients. Our team is constantly on its toes to ensure that the customers are provided with nothing but the best services possible.

From hybrid multi-cloud management, orchestration, migration strategy development, automation, optimization and architecture pattern and network topology design and implementation, you can get access to all these services under one roof through us. We work on an end to end strategy development that helps streamline planning as well as the deployment and management. Our team is capable of working with different cloud-based infrastructures and frameworks to deploy multi-cloud and hybrid solutions with special focus on maturity assessment, risk mitigation and vulnerability management.

We will cater these services, especially for you and offer services compatible with all the leading multi-cloud providers including but not limited to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform Anthos.

Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services (1).jpg

Cloud management is the new go-to data storage solution. Therefore, almost all businesses have either opted for cloud managed services or will be transitioning to this service soon. However, transitioning to cloud-managed solutions is just the first step along the way. The main task is the optimal management
of cloud services.

This is where we come in. We stay beside our customers and offer cloud-managed services from the start all the way to the end. From planning the migration to the monitoring of the assets, disaster recovery, we will take care of all aspect of managed cloud services for you.

Another important service that we offer is cloud security. Securing data resources is extremely important. After all, no business can risk their data being leaked or manipulated. We will ensure that all your data stored on the cloud remains safe and free from any threats. Moreover, we will help you make the best possible decisions by analyzing the needs of your business and optimizing cloud usage.

Last but not least, we also make use of data analysis to derive important insights and forecast cloud spending from preparing our clients beforehand. To be able to do so, we make use of the latest technologies and frameworks.

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We have a competent in-house team of cloud professionals that can provide the best cloud managed services for our customers and ensure that they can make use of cloud-based services in the most efficient manner possible.

Design and Architecture Service

Switching to cloud-based storage solutions is not that simple. Before transitioning towards cloud-based services, it is important that the business takes some time to reflect on its need and truly understand the cloud architecture. Therefore, it is important to consult an expert and get their opinion on the matter. 

At ITUNeed, we have gathered a team of professional experts that specialize in design and architecture services. The team gets in touch with the clients and evaluate their business needs. Only after thorough consideration and analysis, the team gets to work and develops a cloud adoption and optimization strategy. The plan is an exact blueprint of the path that will lead you to transition. We will manage the migration and also help you utilize the cloud service in the best manner possible.

Design And Architecture Service (1).jpg
Design And Architecture Service (2).jpg

We divide the workload with our clients so that they can transition towards cloud solutions in a smooth manner. Plus we minimize risks so that the transition can be free of any risk. Our team will help you move towards a simple, secure, reliable and scalable cloud solution while ensuring optimized services and performance optimization.
Best practices, paired with quality, is exactly what we deliver to our customers. We believe in empowering our clients so that they can excel as we have a firm belief that our customers are our partners. Therefore, we treat their problems as our own. Excellent communication and working closely with the customers enables us to deliver a solution that is perfectly customized for our customers.

To summarize, we will get to the bottom of your business’s requirements and needs and then provide a design and architecture service that will be extremely beneficial for your business. As a result, not only will you be able to move to cloud based solutions with ease, you will also be able to make the right choice and select the right cloud based infrastructure that can truly do justice to the needs of your business. 

Docker Containers and Application Modernization
Docker containers and application modern

One of the leading ways in which developers are now developing, and running applications is via docker containers. The major expense incurred by most businesses is related to maintaining and the management of technical debt and running applications. Now developers are also transitioning from using virtual environments to adapting the docker container systems when developing and testing applications. 

Using a docker, everything that is needed to run an application can be put together and compiled in a single platform. The code, runtime, system tools as well as the libraries, everything can be arranged in a single container that is ready for execution. Now, all that needs to be done is to run the docker file, and the application will be launched automatically. 

The use of docker containers is a huge step towards application modernization. This approach helps with agile development, is easily adaptable and organizes the code properly. Application modernization further supports Docker container management. 

At ITUNeed we provide state of the art and reliable docker container and application modernization services. We have a competent team with years of hands-on experience in this field. Plus we have worked with businesses of different scales and scopes. Therefore, we can cater to the needs of your business and help you adapt to docker containers and application modernization so that your applications can run in a smooth and optimized manner. 

Docker containers and application modern

We will ensure that you make use of the docker containers in the right way and it reflects in the development process in the form of agile development, faster response and efficient development practices. 

Log Aggregation and Monitoring

Whenever developers work on any software or application development, they always make use of logging functions so that they can keep track of the events that occur with the application. Whenever an event occurs, the log records the event along with the relevant metadata, and the record is entered into the log file. This log file then serves as a resource for developers, and they use it to monitor the performance of the application and identify the events that may have led to an error. 

As the business grows, more and more applications are involved in the cycle. As a result, keeping track of the log files becomes tougher and complicated. This is especially true for businesses that are running on cloud-based servers and applications. It is close to impossible for the developer team to be able to review each and every log file and go through the details. 

Log aggregation and monitoring (1).jpg
Log aggregation and monitoring (2).jpg

This is where our log aggregate and monitoring services come in the form of a blessing. We write down a log aggregation and monitoring function that automates this tedious task. The tools we provide will also serve a number of different purposes. They can help with log searches, data normalization and also perform complex data analysis to generate insights that will help you further enhance and improve the application and software development process. 


The beauty of our log aggregation and monitoring tool is the fact that it is very simple to use. The configuration, usage as well as the using of the tool is simple so that the customers can get to using it within no time. The learning curve is so small that it can be adapted within a couple of hours. Therefore, you will not need to worry about adapting to a complex or complicated interface.

We offer a high scale log aggregation and monitoring system. From single cloud services to multiple cloud infrastructures, our tools can perform the task in a fast and efficient manner. There is no limit on the scope of the functionality, and we can scale the service depending on the needs of our clients and customers. 

DevOps and Automation in the Cloud

DevOps is also an emerging trend in application development. It allows the teams to collaborate in an efficient manner and utilizes cloud-based solutions to allow a streamline and effective form of application development. 

Most of the businesses are now making a move towards cloud-based solutions. Even application development is now being moved over to the cloud. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to have a DevOps and automation in cloud expert on board that can help migrate the applications to the cloud and provide tools and frameworks that can be used to build, test and deploy the applications under development. 

DevOps and automation in the cloud (1).j
DevOps and automation in the cloud (2).j

At ITUNeed, DevOps and automation in the cloud are one of our most in-demand services. We offer a service that makes things convenient and easy for our customers. The clients can be certain that they have chosen the right service provider as we have the best team that can make the transition simpler than you think. 
Moreover, we specialize in a wide range of cloud management services. Our tools are compatible with all the leading cloud-based servers. From independent to shared and managed cloud service, you name it, and we can deliver. 

We follow a systematic and organized approach that simplifies things for our customers. The pipeline process is simple and divided into smaller steps which makes it easy to follow along. Plus, our customers always find us right by their side in case anything goes wrong or they need any help. 

We do not have a fixed plan that we offer to all our customers. Rather, we develop a customized strategy that is based on the needs of your business.


Schedule a call with us so we can chat about your cloud needs. 

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