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Strategic Planning &

Risk Assessment

Measuring Risk and IT Compliance Audit: We recommend a comprehensive review of your IT set up to determine where you might be vulnerable and to ensure you comply with all regulatory guidelines.

Our professional Cyber Dyvers will review your current IT infrastructure environment and identify where you are at risk. We’ll create a risk management plan that will show you the potential impacts of security failures and what you need to do to minimize risk.


ITUNeed will help your organization manage the risks by planning and implementing cybersecurity solutions that fit your business. You’ll minimize the threats to your company, and protect your data and information systems with the industry’s best solutions.






       Custom Solutions

We realize every business is different and we provide customized solutions to fit the project. Your office may operate differently than another in your industry. We position our solutions so they align with your business and infrastructure.

We also can provide consulting experience regarding Risk Management Framework (RMF), the United States government policy and standards for secure computer systems and networks. The RMF was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Under RMF, the risk of the organization is assessed and key security controls are put in place to protect business or agency assets and operations from dangerous threats.


businessman writing risk management conc
Analysing the Numbers


        The Future

We’ll create a detailed road map for you to ensure your data is safe moving forward. Our team-like approach means we’ll be working with you long after the initial cyber security program is put in place.

We’ll identify your risk and the solutions you need. We'll Work with you through the selection process paying close attention to your budget.

We'll implement the best technologies and tools for your organization. We'll consult with you after the initial project is done so you never feel like you’ll be alone in trying to figure out data security.

Still have questions? Then let's talk about the cyber security in your business.

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