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Here at ITUNeed we always catch up with the latest technologies available to be able to provide high end solutions. Here is a summary of what we offer to you and what you can expect from us:
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Defining and implementing defense in-depth strategy

A proper IT defense strategy protects and isolates your company from threats. This includes IT components like firewall, antivirus, encryption, intrusion detection and prevention, automated patch management, training for end users at your company. 

Security architecture and implementation

This is a unified security design that looks at what your company needs and the potential risks depending on a scenarios or environment you operate in. 


Research, intrusion analysis, and incidents response

If a possible intrusion is detected, we can perform incident response to the situation. This includes both the technical side, which is reviewing network operations, your systems and security. This is how we understand the attack. But we can also provide breach notification, advanced threat detection and malware detection.​​


Is your business subject to regulatory oversight from standards like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, FISMA, CCPA?

ITUNeed can help you stay on top of regulatory standards with specialized security assessments. Let us audit your company’s IT environment so you can be assured you are not at risk of a compliance violation.

Data Cloud

Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Other Cloud Support

Do you want to move data to the cloud? Do you have data in the cloud and want to make sure it is protected? We can help you setup, configure or secure data in cloud services like AWS, Azure, IBM, Oracle and others. 

Our services include design and implementation, security, and working with our partners who provide Security Operations Centers (SOC-as-a-service) to secure company networks and data using cloud computing. 

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Solutions (Backup and Restore)

If disaster strikes, you can rest assured your business will be ready. We’ll work with you to create a plan to protect vital systems. If you need new equipment, your plan will be in place to reference quickly so you can carry on providing services to your clients. 


Manage Security Services 

Need 24/7 coverage, we provide managed services to have protection and service for your systems around the clock. 


Encryption Services

We can provide additional layer of security to your data by “encrypting” it. With this service, you hold “keys,” which are needed to access or modify the data. 


To ward off the threats to your business, we use the top tools in the industry. From vulnerability management (Nessus) to security management (AlienVault), your business will be covered from the most vicious attacks. Products like Tripwire, for compliance and operational efficiency, and database scanners like AppDetectivePro help you keep the focus on your business and not worry about IT threats.


Learn more about our specific services by clicking on each link below

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ITUNeed offers premium and reliable services to clients in
  • Retail, banking and financial services

  • Government and public sector

  • Energy and utilities

  • Media, gaming and entertainment

  • Communications and technology

What you get
  • Thorough analysis that spots “hidden” vulnerabilities. We’ll evaluate whether your system’s flaws come from poor configuration, hardware or software, operation measures or technical countermeasures.

  • Following the test, we present any issues to the client, along with an assessment of their impact, and, if requested, proposed methods of mitigation or solutions. 

  • Once we are finished, you’ll have reduced risks to your business. You’ll protect your brand and earn the trust of your customers. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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