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Cybersecurity Facts

95% of

Every 39 Seconds 

Malware & Web-based

are the most costly attacks

$2 Trillion in 2019

cybercrime will cost businesses 

are due to human error

there is a Hacking Attack

Hacker Report

According to "The 2018 Hacker Report" by HackerOne, "Hackers love webapps. Over 70% of surveyed hackers said their favorite types of

product or platform to hack is websites, followed by APIs (7.5%), technology that has

their data (5%), Android apps (4.2%), operating systems (3.1%) and IoT (2.6%)."

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Web Security Solutions

According to the Data Breach Investigation Report by Verizon, 40% of breaches are web app attacks and web applications are common routes for a hacker to exploit.

Web Security Scanning, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing are the solutions every development team should consider. 

As an agile developer, your main focus is the functionality of the application you are developing but do not forget the SECURITY.

Benefits for Web Developers
  • Obtain a complete security assessment using an independent assessor

  • Use our recommended resolutions to rectify findings before hackers breach any vulnerability that was discovered in your web app and ruin your reputation. 

  • Impress your clients by showing that you care about security of the web applications you develop

  • Make profit up-selling our services along with your products

  • Have a reliable cybersecurity solution team at anytime

It doesn't stop there....Guess What?
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You also get

2 FREE Security Scans within 1 year

with your initial web security purchase

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