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Penetration Testing


Penetration “Pen” testing provides crucial information to a company about the vulnerabilities in its computer system. With the number of attacks on the rise, IT systems need to be tested on a regular basis to find (and correct) vulnerabilities. Pen testing allows for a full assessment of your company’s computer system. With a pen test, we perform an attack simulation on your system.


We are able to identify where you have vulnerabilities. This can include where hackers can gain access from outside your company. Through this full risk assessment, we can also gauge what strengths your system has and develop a full plan for your company.


Network, infrastructure, and web application penetration testing
and ethical hacking

We can go on the “offensive” and test out your networking, infrastructure and web applications by conducting penetration testing and other ethical hacking. The primary focus is to find bugs and weak spots in those areas using the most sophisticated tools in the industry.


You can read further why Penetration Testing is beneficial for your business at our blog post.

Still have questions? Then let's talk about the cyber security in your business.

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