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The Benefits of an Independent Cybersecurity Team Helping Web Developer Businesses

Talking about a Cyber ​​team, nowadays, it is necessary for any line of business that wants to position itself on the internet, in this way, a website, works as an inexorable and constant means of communication between a company and its customers or consumers. Websites also show the products and services they offer; But one of the most notorious and indispensable features of any respectable website is to show the objective and the development history of that company.

Websites also help in increasing reliability to consumers and often provide better means of connectivity. Web development is hence one of the crucial parts of any businesses in the 21st century. It started to develop as an industry with the emergence of the world wide web. Companies these days have a dedicated web development team or hire web development companies to develop websites for their business. With the number of websites on the rise each day, the web development industry or cyber teams are showing itself as the technological urgency of these times.

The undue or unauthorized manipulation of computer systems, either hardware or software is known as cyber attack. Cyber ​​attacks are developed in parallel with the growth of web development. It is a crime that has caused the loss of millions of dollars, people and business assets alike. Cybercrimes have also resulted in the loss of brand identity and reliability. Many major companies have also lost sensitive trade information. Security Teams realized this fact.

Some of the major forms of cybercrime include hacking, identity theft, SQL injections, password thefts, website breach and more. With the increasing number of applications and websites dealing with personal information, bank details, etc, cyber protection by a team is an essential requirement. In any case, you should stick to the world of cybersecurity, a company dedicated to eliminating the harmful problem of cybercrime.

A web development business or team has to have a good cybersecurity measure to protect the websites that they develop from serious cyber attacks. A good cybersecurity measure ensures the protection of a website from identity theft, phishing, spyware, fraud, Trojans, viruses and more. An independent cybersecurity team is always the best option to help web developers protect websites, social media sites and web applications. Such a team can help in identifying potential threats, developing stronger countermeasures, obtaining solutions to existing threats and building resilient web infrastructure.

One of the best examples of an independent cybersecurity personnel who helped discover a deep hole in the security structure of a once popular social networking site is the case of Leigh Ann Galloway. Ms Galloway, cybersecurity resilience lead at Positive Technologies, a Cyber Team Company, found out a major bug in the Myspace website. This bug enabled any hacker to access the accounts of Myspace's 3.6 million users.

This bug, Ms Galloway said, could be easily replicated and executed to retrieve sensitive and personal data. Such data could then be used for fraud activities or to launder money from individuals. Ms Galloway has also found out bugs in various mobile based point of sale platforms that could have potentially disclosed credit card or debit card details to hackers.

The teams or independent cybersecurity companies are vital for the survival of developers and web applications programmers. That is our proposal in ITUNeed.

We propose help in the fight against cybercrime, and not only that, we also offer help teams to protect websites and applications from threats, provide solutions in real time and offer the latest defense systems.


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