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Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Many companies consider migrating from on-prem to cloud. There are many good reasons why companies are leaving On-Prem and moving to different cloud service providers. The advantages are crystal clear, and the industry proves it. According to infrastructure trackers, deployment in cloud environments is scheduled to increase by 18%. It is almost a matter of time when cloud and traditional data centers will be almost equal.

Some Advantages of Moving to the Cloud

There are many main advantages of moving to the cloud. Cloud computing offers many benefits if offers you the flexibility to connect your business anywhere at any time. Smartphones, computers, and tablets can access your data. Some other advantages are:

  1. Reduced IT costs. Reduced IT costs are seen when you shift to cloud computing. Instead of buying expensive systems and equipment, you can reduce your overall cost by using the cloud. You do not need to pay expert staff and the amount of energy used gets reduced, which helps you save money.

  2. Scalability. As time moves on, businesses scale up and scale down. Based on the difference in your scale, your storage should change according to the situation, instead of buying the expensive upgrades yourself; cloud-computing services can handle this. This grants your company more time to focus on running your business.

  3. Flexibility of work. When you migrate to the cloud, your employees are more flexible in their work practices. You can access all your data where you are, and you can commute to work via the Internet.

Discovery phase of Migration

The first phase of migration to a cloud service such as AWS is the discovery phase. This phase basically helps develop a good understanding of the repository. This current repository can include all the information about your documents, schedules, and locations. As well as understanding your repository, you should also determine an approach to security, access, and identification of ROT (redundant, trivial, and obsolete) information

Cloud Readiness Assessment

It is important to create a cloud readiness assessment and creating a roadmap when you plan to migrate to a cloud service. Lucky for you there is a Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool that can help you gauge your level of how prepared you are to transition to the cloud. Here are some tips for a successful migration

● Have a proper case for why your company should migrate to the cloud. Give a list of benefits and your current objectives.

● Establish a proper model for the cloud. This should include the objectives and how our organization will function after the migration is accomplished.

● Make sure you properly test your cloud architecture. Ensure that you have a recovery plan once you initiate a migration just in case anything goes wrong.

Migrating Apps to the Cloud - ITUNeed Infograph

How to Choose a Cloud Service Provider

Choosing a cloud service provider is very important and may make or break your business. Here are some tips that can help you prioritize different cloud providers.

  1. Security. Security is, no doubt, a key aspect in deciding a cloud provider for your business. You should look into all their mechanisms and what additional services they may provide. AWS and Google Cloud make that process simple by listing all their features on the websites.

  2. Architecture. Architecture is important, as that is how you will be incorporated into your workflows. If your organization invests in Microsoft, It will make sense to continue with Microsoft-based cloud providers.

  3. Support. Support requires careful consideration. Getting quick and proper help should be relatively easy. For certain providers, you can only get a call or chat service. Research properly on the support you can get.


After all these steps, it is then safe to choose a cloud provider such as AWS. You can then start the migration to the cloud. So, what are you waiting for? Contact ITUNeed for any questions you may have. Our experts and Cloud Solutions partner will help you through every step of the way.

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