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Working from Home? Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Should Be Aware Of During COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, a lot of businesses have resorted to the work-from-home structure to help lessen the spread of the disease and to protect their employees. Undoubtedly, the advancement of technology have been a great help for many businesses as they continue amidst the crisis.

But in some ways, it can also endanger your assets and liable information. As a lot of employees are working on their personal devices at home, they can easily become victims to cyberattacks. This is especially the case as their devices do not have the same level of security in their office devices.

To give you and your employees an idea of how to prevent your business from experiencing cybersecurity threats amidst the pandemic, here are some of the trending risks that you need to know.

#1 Phishing Attacks

These types of attacks lure people into making enticing emails as bait, which leads them to click a link that installs malware into the system without them knowing. Such can potentially breach sensitive information. Hackers commonly attack company employees with convincing messages to be able to gain access to user logins, credit card information, and private database.

#2 Cryptojacking

This a trending act that involves cybercriminals hijacking third-party work computers. For these criminals to gain access so that they can launch their cryptocurrency movement, they need to have computers with a large amount of computer processing power. Hijackers then make their money by piggybacking on a company’s system that can cause severe performance problems. Companies will then need an IT professional to track the computer down and resolve the issue.

#3 Ransomware Attacks

This kind of attack can cause any business billions of dollars every year. Cybercriminals deploy technologies that allow them to take a business’ database and hold the information they have for ransom. Many companies are now trying to strengthen their IT security system. However, cybercriminals are currently on the move to find potential victims such as high-profile individuals and small businesses. These victims will are considered to become their profitable ransomware.

#4 State-Sponsored Attacks

These types of attacks are beyond gaining profits from private companies and high-end individuals because it is state-funded to use hacker’s cyber skills and perform attacks on government assets and critical infrastructure. State-sponsored attacks are believed to increase as we take in 2020 with particular reasons. Even though this type of attack is mainly focused on critical government infrastructure, other small businesses, private companies, and high-end individuals should not assume that they are safe.

#5 Cyber-Physical Attacks

The kind of technology that you are using to upgrade and develop your business can also become a threat. Several threats of hacks are currently targeting transportation systems, electrical grids, and water treatment facilities, which are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. A recent report that was published in The New York Times said that America’s multibillion-dollar military systems are now targets of these cyber-physical attacks, and it much at risk.

These are just some of the trending cybersecurity attacks that you should know as a business owner. More importantly, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how small your business is, as long as hackers and cybercriminals will gain profit, they will take their chances.

Be prepared and prevent security breaches with a reliable cybersecurity solution that always has the latest updates. ITUNeed Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions can be your partner when it comes to protecting your business through our solid security plans with our tools and technologies. Visit our website today at for more information and to learn how we can help your team stay cyber-protected while working from home!


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