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Why Even Finance Companies Should Consider Cyber Security

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Cyber attacks caused financial damages to the tune of about USD 500,000 to companies in the last 12-18 months, says a study. There are ample number of examples of cyber security breaching every day in the dynamic world that are in the news for the past few years. A number of companies are struggling to establish a reliable cyber security network to defend against the hackers. Companies with high security systems are been hacked too, the sources claims.

Finance Companies Seeking Cyber Security Consulting

In the recent past, the Wi-Fi network of a US based accounting company handling the private data of city’s businessmen was hacked, peeling the skin off their transactions and other remittances’ details and serving them on the platter. This breach of cyber security caused a loss of thousands of dollars putting the vital information of nearly 55 businessmen’s future at stack. The company is in foot in the mouth situation and is trying its best to recover its data and ensure its safety to prevent further breaching as this one. It is said that the hackers used low profile encryption techniques to hack the company and targeted the Wi-Fi server. The company fessed up later on that their Wi-Fi system remained unchecked for a while and also that their employees were not aware of the same.

The above example gives a draconic image of the situation this company in the U.S. and its clients are going through. It happened because the company was negligent enough to ignore the vital components which ensure the security. “Imagine a hospital which has a track record of 40-50 surgeries per day and attacked by the hackers, what will happen then?” This situation could have been easily ignored with the help of a reliable security system.

We at ITUNeed provide high end solution ensuring to keep away these fleas (the hackers) from damaging your precious work and reputation in the market thus ensuring a goodwill between you and your clients. We present you a range of services that not only ensures cyber security but also brings about a holistic awareness amongst your employees thereby reducing the risk of such attacks and better handling at times of crisis. Our services are sorted as follows to feed each section of the corporate sector and ensure reliability:

Penetration Testing: We recommend a comprehensive review of your IT system so that our experts could evaluate the vulnerabilities and thus suggest the best of services to enable a safer working environment and minimize the risk.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: The strategic planning and proper risk management always come handy during the times of crisis. This is done through risk assessment and develop a plan best suited for your business.

Security Training: We believe self-reliance and self-awareness, and so we also have employee training to make them aware about the possible risks and the mitigation methodologies.

Apart from these services we also provide you with data recovery solutions like cloud computing, disaster recovering solutions, vulnerability management, security management and many other tools which keeps you focused on your business and keeps your worries related to security at bay. Trust us with your business and we will bridge the risk of breaching with a handful of services at your doorstep.


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